Contact point threats

File your report here

Do you have a migration background and are you threatened, intimidated or discriminated against at the asylum seekers’ centre or elsewhere in the Netherlands because of your Christian faith? Then you can report this at this contact point…

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How we work, what we do with your report

Why is it important to report the incident? And what do we do with your report?

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Rights and freedoms in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands we know the right to freedom of religion and belief. This includes that everyone is free to express his or her belief. In the Netherlands, we find this right is so important that it is enshrined in the Constitution (Article 6).

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Supporting organisations

Stichting Gave, Open Doors and SDOK have jointly set up this reporting point for discrimination and threats against Christians with a migrant background in the Netherlands.

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On this website, you can file a report when you experience problems in the Netherlands with regard to discrimination, threats, intimidation or violence because you are a Christian or have converted to Christianity. This can be about a situation in an asylum seekers’ centre, a language school or any other place in the Netherlands. You will also find more information about religious freedom in the Netherlands. This contact point is specifically intended for people with a migration background. With your report, we can map out the extent of this phenomenon and we also offer practical and pastoral support.

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