Do you have a migration background and are you being threatened, intimidated or discriminated against at  an asylum seekers centre in the Netherlands on account of your faith? You can report  your experience here.

In order to be able to contact you in relation to the incident you report, we ask you to fill in your telephone number or email address. We strive to contact you within 4 working days to talk about the incident reported.

You can also report an incident on behalf of someone else. If you have a friend/acquaintance who was victimized, you may also report this here. However, please consult with the victim about this first.

We ask you to complete the form in Dutch or English.

Confidentiality and privacy
The information shared with us through this form will be treated confidentially. Personal details received through this report will be used solely for the registration of this report and to contact you in connection to this report if needed. For additional information, please see our privacy statement.

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