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Gave Foundation

Gave Foundation is an interdenominational organisation for working among refugees and asylum seekers in the Netherlands. Gave wants the refugee who comes to our country to be seen and loved.

Gave gives substance to this by making churches and Christians aware of the biblical calling to receive ’the stranger’ in a hospitable way. Gave inspires, trains and supports volunteers to build relationships with asylum seekers and show them God’s love.

In our contact with asylum seekers and volunteers, we regularly hear that freedom of faith in the Netherlands is not always self-evident. We also hear that the willingness to report discrimination or violence due to faith is low. This keeps the problem under the radar and victims do not get the help they need. With this contact point, Gave wants to map out the problem, offer help to victims and inform those concerned about rights and freedoms with regard to faith in the Netherlands.

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Open Doors

Open Doors supports Christians who are persecuted for their faith. It is worrying that Christian persecution is now also spreading to the Netherlands, because Christians in asylum seekers’ centres, for example, experience problems because of their Christian faith.

Because Open Doors works according to the Ranking list of Christian persecution in countries where persecution of Christians takes place, we are not active in providing assistance in the Netherlands.  Gave Foundation does work in the Netherlands and has built up its expertise here, which is why we support them in this initiative.

Open Doors Netherlands is pleased that there is now a contact point for threatened, intimidated or discriminated Christians. It is important to us that people who are discriminated against or oppressed by their Christian faith can receive help. Wherever they are in the world.

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SDOK believes in the unity of the body of Christ, the worldwide church. A body whose members are involved, and ‘sharing’ and ‘serving’ have a central place. If there is persecution, then SDOK stands alongside persecuted Christians with practical help and encouragement. Confession of the Christian faith (especially the transition to it) can result in resistance from the family and / or the social environment in which Christians find themselves. In the Netherlands this is currently manifesting mainly in people with a migration background.

SDOK sees it as its responsibility to use its expertise, network and opportunities to ensure that Christians who deal with this persecution are supported.

In practice, this means that:

  • SDOK empowers Christians in the Netherlands to adopt a correct, Biblical attitude towards persecuted brothers and sisters.
  • SDOK encourages those Christians to be or to become part of a local Christian community and receive prospective financial support from or at least through that local community.
  • SDOK contributes to insight into the scale of prosecution in the Netherlands and discloses information about this to political and media related organisations.

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