How we work

Why submit a report?

For many Dutch people it is not known that Christians from other cultures have to deal with discrimination and threats because of their faith. For Christians with a Muslim background it is often even more difficult. By reporting your situation we can work on public awareness of this problem.

We already hear of incidents, such as intimidation and physical violence, with Christians in asylum seekers’ centres and other places (such as a language school or in their own neighbourhood) as victims. Neither the police nor the COA register whether these incidents are related to the victim’s faith. As a result, information that reflects the extent and seriousness of this problem in the Netherlands is lacking. In the event that an incident takes place, we would like to receive a report. This allows us to map the extent and seriousness of the problem and to urge the government to take an adequate approach.

If you have problems in an asylum seekers centre, it is important to also report this to COA. Has there been a report at the local COA and you are not satisfied with the response? Or are you reserved towards reporting your situation to COA? When you fill in this form, we will look alongside with you in what way a solution can be looked for.

What we do with your report

When a report comes in of an incident, the supporting organisations behind this contact point, namely Gave Foundation and Stichting de Ondergrondse Kerk (SDOK), will decide in mutual consultation which follow-up steps will be taken.

When a report comes in, we strive to contact the reporter within 4 working days. Then, in consultation with the reporter, we will, if possible, come into contact with other parties involved to hear them about the incident. On this basis, it is examined and determined which subsequent steps are necessary and possible to improve or resolve the situation. We can also talk to specific parties to raise awareness about the background of problems that are playing.

As part of handling of the report, we also consider with the victim whether pastoral care is necessary. For this we use our network of churches in the vicinity of the victim to provide the necessary help.

It is important that you indicate yourself how serious the situation is for you. Often it is complex to quickly find a solution. But in dangerous situations we also advise you to call in the help of the police.

It is also important to realize that the personal information provided to us in the reporting form is treated confidentially. This data is only used for the registration of the report and to possibly come into contact with you in connection with the report. Information in the form is only available at Gave, Open Doors and SDOK and is not shared with others. This is also the reason that you will be asked to fill in the form, which is offered in various languages, in Dutch or English. That way, we do not have to call in third parties to provide a translation.

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